Ep. 14 Building Healthy Relationships

In this episode, Adrian Wesley dives into what it takes to have a healthy relationship. He talks about dealing with his insecurities like jealousy, an issue he faces in his own personal relationship. He discusses the importance of communication and how to work through the trauma and triggers.  Adrian talks about why a healthy partnership requires partners to communicate openly in order to avoid resentment and disaster. He also talks about learning to love your partner instead of taking from your partner. He explains that rifts cannot be avoided but you and your partner should find ways to move things forward because there is no sense in beating each other up.

Adrian tells listeners: “If you want to be a happy successful partner in a relationship, you need to be figure skating together in unison. So that means that both of you need to be at the other end of the rink, doing your own practice on your own. And you have to come together and you have to practice skating together.”


In this episode, you will learn:

  • About dealing with insecurity and jealousy
  • The importance of communication
  • How to find ways to move forward


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