Ep. 16 The Only Person Standing In Your Way Is Yourself with Brodie Nitro

In this episode, Adrian Wesley interviews Brodie Nitro. Brodie shares his story of overcoming trauma in his childhood and how he built a 6-figure business traveling the world while positively impacting tens of thousands of others in their lives. Brodie also talks about his commitment to his temple through proper diet, sleep, and meditation to let go of negative energy and make room for powerful, positive thoughts.

Brodie tells listeners… “It’s never been easier to make yourself happy. It really depends on what you’re programming yourself with. If you want to start having opposite results, then you need to change your habits.”  


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to start and commit to meditating
  • About Brodie’s commitment to his diet, sleep, and his temple
  • How Brodie has tapped into his personal power and is thriving as an online entrepreneur


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