Ep. 20 Let your Unique Flower Bloom!

In this episode, Adrian Wesley dives into what it means to truly love yourself: it’s not just about loving your body enough to show everybody.

It’s also about things like 1) Getting a good night’s sleep in order to take care of yourself,  2) Eating only healthy food in order to love yourself, 3) and having a good conversation with yourself by being honest to yourself.

Adrian also talks about the importance of having faith and how you always draw back what you vibrate. These are the life skills you need to master. Mastering your ability to have a quality conversation with yourself will help you live the life you want.

Adrian tells listeners: “Create the real you because this planet will continue to suffer until you love yourself, until you turn your power on and until you thrive.”


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to form your own opinions, journey and how not to idolize others
  • The strength you can gain from getting out of your comfort zone
  • Why you can’t do anything without faith
  • How to begin creating the “real” you


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