Ep. 25 Pursuing Your Dreams with Molly Orwell

In this episode, Adrian Wesley and Molly Orwell talk about the unlimited potential of pursuing your dreams when you direct your energy to personal development.

Molly was working a typical 9 to 5 job for an insurance company before she pursued the online business she has today. Her husband, Brent, came across an opportunity on Facebook last year that changed their life. The transition from working a corporate job to running an online business was tough for Molly and her family for the first few months. Nonetheless, with the full support of her husband and the passion to pursue her dreams, she is now a successful online entrepreneur taking care of her family. 

Molly and her husband are now living their dream life by working at home, making more money, and spending plenty of time with their children. 

Adrian tells listeners, “A big reason why a lot of people don’t pursue their dreams is because of what other people say. You have to bunker down. You have to focus on yourself. You have to stop listening to people who aren’t supporting you.”


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to prioritize your time and energy
  • How to get out of your bubble and become a leader
  • The benefits of raising your vibration and focusing on yourself in the morning



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