Ep. 27 Changing Vibrations and Mindset with Safa Al Chami

In this episode, Adrian Wesley and Safa Al Chami talk about how to change your vibration and mindset to serve your goals.

Safa is a dedicated mother, wife, and successful Online Entrepreneur. Thanks to her mentor, Brodie Nitro, Safa and her husband live and work in freedom. She has the ability to be a hands-on mom and work towards her mission of helping other people realize their true potential and reach their own goals.

Safa tells listeners, “The mask you put on every single day fuses with you. You become the person that you think you are.”



In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to find comfort and safety in letting go
  • The importance of seeking and accepting help
  • The benefits of changing your own vibrations and aligning your mindset with successful people



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