Ep. 28 Deep Thoughts with Adrian Part 1

In this episode, Adrian Wesley talks about how our life should not be taken for granted and how we must not waste it on negative emotions.

Adrian talks about life and death and how mortality reminds us how beautiful life can be. He explains how surrendering to things we can’t change and letting go of negative emotions are the most helpful habits we can do for our self-growth. 

Adrian tells listeners, “Someone is going to piss us off and something is always going to tick us off, so again, practice letting go of negative emotions.”



In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to let go of negative emotions
  • How to catch negative emotions and energy from the roots
  • Dealing with our mortality and using it to drive us to take action
  • Benefits of detaching and surrendering to things you can’t control
  • Training yourself to loosen your tight energy


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