Ep 29. It’s Never Too Late with Laurie Brautigam

In this episode, Adrian Wesley and Laurie Brautigam talk about Laurie’s mission to help empower people with health, especially 40+ years old and baby boomers – allowing them to take action and build a dream life.

Laurie is a dedicated wife and mom that turned into a successful online affiliate marketer and entrepreneur in her late 40s when her kids left home for college. She went back to school at the age of 49 to study the holistic approach to health and wellness, which had a major impact on her mission to educate and train people in the same field. She is now a successful holistic personal trainer, working with a high-end holistic brand. 

Laurie tells listeners: “It is never too late to change your entire life around if you are really determined and you’re willing to put time and effort.”



In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to start a career as an online affiliate marketer and entrepreneur
  • How to set new purposes and goals
  • The link between physical health and emotional trauma


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